Almost borne out of necessity, Saris Capital LLC came to life as an organization in early 2005 as Saris Capital Capital Advisors back in a time when the term “stock loan” was flying around the internet at light speed. At that time, a securities collateralized loan or “stock loan” was very simply a Limited-Recourse loan collateralized by a publicly traded security, and it was a fairly popular commodity in those days. On the surface it seemed like a simple enough transaction in a relatively niche market, but below the surface there were problems lurking in the depths.

In the US, securities collateralized lending is an unregulated industry. Back in those days, one simply needed to have some capital, and a relationship with a broker/dealer to set up shop and engage as a lender. Lenders popped up left and right, and though most never made it, a few managed to survive long enough to do some real damage when their house of cards fell down from maintaining unsafe business practices and in some cases outright fraud. There were also unscrupulous brokers, too many to count, hawking loan products they didn’t understand, from lenders they had not checked out, taking fees along the way and not looking back should the unthinkable happen.

It was the wild west, and the town needed a new Sheriff. I built this firm around the opinion that ethics, integrity, and trust had to be the foundation upon which the company would rest. In the early days we probably told as many people to get lost as we did to invite in for business, as we simply did not wish to engage in business with those that we felt would expose us or our clients to risk. Since that time it has been proven to us time and time again that high road is always the safest road to take.

These days this investment in ourselves and others has paid off handsomely. In what many would call a rather volatile industry where capital flies around like it is in a wind tunnel, we have soundly avoided even the merest brush with impropriety. We have never been involved in a lawsuit, never lost a single dollar for our clients, and never once had to say “we are sorry”. As a result we have lasted through the years soundly positioned in the marketplace, and can offer our clients some of the best private capitalization products available anywhere around the globe.

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